Simhastha Kumbh Mela
Nashik -Trimbakeshwar 2015


For Upcoming Simhastha Kumbhamela in Nashik District at Trimbakeshwar in the year 2015-16,the land around 17 acer is requsitioned . A sadhugram is being developed for Sadhus, Mahants & various Charity institutions in this area.There are around 70 plots being temparory devoloped in sadhugram.

The plots will be alloted to Akhade, Khalse & Charity institutions.Temparory construction for 280 Toilets and 280 Bathrooms is also in progress.There are temporary facility like internal road, Electricity, Water Supply, Drainage Line, Security Arrangement, PDS Shops, Media Center, Hospital, Toilet & Bathrooms and Parking arrangement are being developed. As soon as this development work will be completed, then the plots will be allotted to respective Akhade,Khalsa & charitable institutions.

Trimbkeshwar sadhugram
Trimbkeshwar sadhugram