Simhastha Kumbh Mela Nashik-Trimbakeshwar 2015



  • Contact police officials about genuineness of any rumor.
  • Obey the instructions issued from police officials.
  • Follow the instructions issued from police officials on public address system.
  • Contact police officials regarding any doubt or complaint.
  • Contact police officials or nearest control room if any unidentified object is seen.
  • Missing persons relatives or missing persons should contact missing person cell for help.
  • follow the Q rules for facilities provided.
  • Give priority to children and senior citizen in use of provided facilities.
  • Every citizen should carry his identity proof and relatives contact number with him.
  • Citizens should carry a slip of his illness and medicines for emergency.
  • Devotees should follow queue.
  • Devotees should follow the routes fixed for them to approach kushwarth kund or ghats.
  • Devotees should park their vehicles in assigned parking lots.
  • Devotees should make use of dustbin.


  • Dont believe on any rumors and don’t promote any rumors.
  • Dont panic and run in any situation.
  • Dont travel in opposite direction from one way.
  • Dont discuss about any doubt in public.
  • Dont leave your own belongings anywhere.
  • Dont take eatables from strangers.
  • Dont distribute free clothes or dainty in crowd.
  • Dont use any other places instead of places fixed for devotees.
  • Parents should take care of their children’s.
  • Dont throw any garbage other than dustbins.
  • Dont park your vehicles anywhere.