Simhastha Kumbh Mela Nashik-Trimbakeshwar 2015


What to do

  • Move away immediately from the place on fire.
  • In case of fire also give alert to the other people near by you.
  • Activate the fire alarm near by you.
  • Inform immediately to fire brigade and fire officer.
  • With the help of water, sand & fire extinguisher try to extinguish the fire.
  • Move immediately to the open ground and be away from heat and smoke.
  • Check whether all persons moved away from the place on fire.
  • Try to evacuate immediately the surrounding area of building on fire and make place available to fire brigade and their vehicles.
  • Try to control the fire with help of available sources and available man power till the fire brigade comes.
  • Inform correct place, adjoining important location, Nature of casualty and other details to the fire brigade personnel.
  • Don’t interfere in the work of experienced fire brigade officers and let them work freely at their own.

What not to do

  • Don't stop at the fire place.
  • Do not be scared and confused, To take decision in Peace and security of all is very important.
  • Close the door of place or room which is on fire but don’t closed out going routes and passages.
  • Don’t used fire extinguisher and other apparatus if don’t know how to operate it because it may result into accident.
  • Use only staircase while moving out from the building. Don’t use lift or sliding stairs.
  • Don’t try to go inside of the building on fire to search any missing person, just inform it to the fire brigade officers.
  • Don’t try to go inside to search valuable belongings rather try to save your own and others life.
  • Don’t take the shelter of bathroom, toilets, store room in case of fire.