Simhastha Kumbh Mela
Nashik -Trimbakeshwar 2015

Action plan

Harit Kumbha Mela Nashik – Trimbakeshwar

Simhastha Kumbh Mela as you all know is the 12-yearly mass Hindu pilgrimage that is held every 12th year at Nashik. Kumbh mela is held every third year around four places – Haridwar, Allahabad (Prayag), Nashik and Ujjain – but only Simhastha is held at Nashik and so it has a special significance attached to it. Given this peculiarity the local administration has also decided to give it a special touch and use the occasion to spread the message cleanliness, sanitation and pollution free environment for which it has carved out the concept of ‘Harit Kumbh’.

Kumbh mela derives its spirit from the faith of Hinduism in the natural forces and hence it is the duty of every pilgrim coming to the city and the residents of this city as well to protect the natural forces here – that could be River, Land and Air from pollution. Using the sacred occasion of kumbh the administration plans to establish the symbiotic relationship between the humans and River Godavari and also take the same message country-wide and even world-wide that the largest gathering of humans on earth for a unique occasion can be nature friendly.

No wonder that the administration is targeting the mammoth gathering of 1.5 crore people visiting the city of Nashik and Trimbakeshwar only in single day of each of the three Shahi Snan days – in the backdrop that the population of Nashik city is 16 lakh only and the Trimbakeshwar being a tiny town in the laps of Sahyadris. This underlines the massive temporary and infrastructure that has to be readied for the pilgrims inside the city areas to ensure hygiene, safety and security of every person in the city that has the radius of around eight km from central part of the city.

Hon Bombay High Court has issued certain directives in connection with the Pollution of Godavari River and it is the responsibility of everybody to ensure they are implemented upon. The directives stipulate the responsibilities and duties of the government authorities as well as citizens, for which mass public awareness is to be carried out. This formed the basis of the proposal of Harit Kumbh concept. A joint meeting of various sections of Govt. agencies and NGOs was convened. As per the suggestions in this meeting, a time bound Action Plan has been undertaken along with the co ordination with these agencies.

The present Action Plan is department-wise and presents a guideline for every concerned department so that it prepares a time bound programme of its own in coordination with other agencies. It is expected that various NGOs, organisations in various sectors, peoples representatives, Sadhu Mahants will also contribute for a successful Harit Simhastha Kumbha

Scheduled Dates of Shahi Snan-Sinhasta Kumbhmela Year 2015-2016.

Shahi Snan Nashik Trimbkeshwar
Day Date Day Date

First Shahi Snan

Saturday 29/08/2015 Saturday 29/08/2015
Second Shahi Snan Sunday 13/09/2015 Sunday 13/09/2015
Third Shahi Snan Friday 18/09/2015 Friday 25/09/2015

Attendance of Sadhus & Pilgrims At Kumbhmela.

Year Nashik Trimbkeshwar
सन 1991-92   Sadhu Pilgrims Sadhu Pilgrims
First 0.40 10.00 0.20 3.00
Second 0.60 15.00 0.25 8.00
Third 0.50 10.00 0.15 3.50
सन 2003-04 First 1.00 35.00 0.40 7.50
Second 1.50 50.00 0.60 20.00
Third 1.20 35.00 0.30 10.00
सन 2015-16 Expected 80 लक्ष ते 1 कोटी 25 ते 30 लक्ष